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Gpedit.msc is a name of a Windows module or a tool that is used to administer or modify group policies.

Gpedit.msc is a file name for the Group Policy Editor console. The Group Policy Editor console is mostly a graphical user interface for editing registry entries. Editing registry entries manually is not very easy because they are located at many places throughout computer registry. The gpedit.msc tool makes the administration of registry easier.

Registry settings are known as policies thus the name Group Policy Editor. Policies are used to write to a special key of the registry and override any settings elsewhere in the registry. Group policies are stored in a special hidden folder


Your SystemRoot is most likely C:\Windows or C:\WinNT. Policies that apply to the computer are stored in a sub-folder named Machine and policies that apply to users are stored in a sub-folder called User. The file that holds your settings is named Registry.pol in both cases.Thus the settings for the machine are in



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