We can make a user account disappear, yet remain a full functioning account .This feature is only available in XP and 2000 .

Follow these procedure:

  • goto run & type "regedit"
  • Then goto H-KEY ->Software ->Microsoft ->WindowsNT ->CurrentVersion ->Winlogon ->SpecialAccounts ->Userlist .
  • You will not see this folder if you do not have "show hidden system files" turned on.
  • Right click on the User list label file on the left side of the screen and select New>DWORD . You'll see the new entry in the right pane of the window, rename this value the name of the user account you want hidden (exactly how it is listed in the Startup screen, case sensitive) and leave the value at 0.
  • Close your Registry Editor and restart the PC.

If you want to log on as this user

  • you have to press Cntrl+Alt+Del twice at the Welcome screen to make a Windows Security dialog box appear.

  • Here you can type in the user name and password of the hidden account and log in.
Limited Users shouldn't be able to see any sign of you except for the listing in the Documents and Settings folder. Other administrative users will be able to see your hidden account in Control Panel/User Accounts


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